Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Plywood Plant For Sale

Plywood Plant For Sale

We have a complete Veneer Plywood manufacturing plant for sale.

 The plant machineries consists of:

1) Complete Saw Mill Plant
2) Log Yard Reception
3) Veneer Reeling And Unreeling System
4) Veneer Rotary Lathe
5) Veneer Continuous Dryer
6) Veneer Rotary Dryer
7) Core Builder/Composer
8) Glue Spreader And Auxiliary Equipments
9) Cold Press & Hot Press
10) Panel Saws (Sizers) and Sanding Machine
11) Knife Grinding Machine
12) Air Compressors
13) Horizontal Veneer Slicer
14) Sliced Veneer Press Dryer
15) Sliced Veneer Joining, Glue Application And Cross feed Splicing System
16) Other Auxillary & Wood Working Equipment
17) Steam Supply and Fuel Feed System
18) Generators and Power Supply System
19) Overhead Crane in all sections
20) Back Hoe Loader, Wheel Loaders & Forklifts.

Please contact us at, if you or your company would be interested in the above said machinery.


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